Sons of the Sons of Dorn….

So I was busy prepping and painting my Imperial Fists for Horus Heresy when a little thing called 8th edition Warhammer 40,000 happened.

You may have heard of it, a few people have been chatting about it……Its no big deal just the first complete reboot of the core rules since 3rd edition came out back in 2000 so you know nothing major. Suffice to say the Black Templars have been getting the love instead of the original Sons of Dorn and really whats not to love?

Terminators are cool again, Landraiders are awesome, deep striking is completely safe and if you get lucky (or burn your re-rolls) you can get first turn charge from deep strike too.

So ive been building lists and trying to find what works and what doesn’t, which brings me to a long term project that has been languishing incomplete for quite some time. Im back to building my Stormraven. I love the model because I managed to get one of the chapter house extension kits before they got shut down, without the kit its just silly. Theres simply no way you would ever get 12 guys in there unless they’re magnestised to the walls and even then it’d be tight, sure they don’t fit in a rhino either but they really don’t fit in a Stormraven!

So instead of the tiny boxy flyer we have a long rectangular drop ship that looks menacing and scaled almost right. Ive got a Forge World twin assault cannon turret and Twin linked Lascannon turret for the top as I never liked the servitor turret so along with the Chapter house kit theres a tonne of resin and a fair chunk of money in it too.

Right now is probably the first time the rules for the Stormraven have been any good, it starts on the board, its tough and can put out a lot of damage all while transporting 12 marines and a Dreadnought. Im planning on putting a Chaplain, 11 crusaders and an Ironclad in it and shooting across the board for a turn 2 assault. All the while flying around being hard to hit and shooting things with heavy weapons. Like I said, whats not to love?

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2 thoughts on “Sons of the Sons of Dorn….

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  1. I’ve got a couple of those Chapterhouse kits (somewhere). Lucky I got them before they went out of business. I may have to build mine now, after seeing yours here!


    1. They’re pretty good but be warned it’s not an easy build. The resin is quite thin in places and chunky in others, I’m pretty happy with how it went together but there’s some joins that are questionable


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