We are the Fourteenth Legion.

The traitor legions codex supplement (albeit short lived) gave me a direction for forming an army and as I began the task of painting my assembled models over the Christmas period, I also engaged in buy, sell and swap posts on Facebook to find what I was after in order to round out my formations. In a few short weeks, I had a very unorthodox Death Guard army that was arguably table top ready.

My colour scheme is based on the pre-heresy Death Guard legion colours as I wanted something that looked different than a bunch a green marines. I pulled in a dirty pink/maroon for the fabric which offsets the bright pink of the plasma weapons. Blue flesh shows a degree of necrosis to the Hell Brute and Sorcerer who have exposed skin. The bases were done with a mixture of three texture paints.

While I have painted to a tabletop standard very quickly, I have tried a number of techniques and made up a few of my own as a form of learning how to speed paint. In time, I will do more weathering and detail painting as I learn more about what I can and can’t do. I had a goal to have 3,000 – 4,000 points of Death Guard painted by the end of 2017, and am well on the way to reaching that goal. The spending will need to stop in July and the paintbrush fury will begin as the new Warhammer is released and gives me a greater understanding of how my legion will play as ‘Heretic Astartes’.

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