Sons of Dorn

So my steps towards an Imperial Fist army for 30k have edged slightly closer.

I have the army books, which is a fairly important step and I have some ideas of a list (there will be breachers, oh yes) but I’m still unsure as to what to put together.

Ive assembled around 20 marines and started painting but its still early days, I really need to build a list and then build that list, I have no desire to build cool looking models that I will never use on the table.

What I do know is that I want Sigismund and his Templars on the board, not only are the rules amazing, the models are great and they tie in with my Black Templars 40k army. So knowing that Forge World orders were placed and received and now assembly has begun, cant wait to get some paint on these bad boys.

Oh did I mention I got an Imperial Fists transfer sheet too? Better figure out some vehicles to put those on.


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