And Their Number is Seven Times Seven.

I guess my perspective on this blog is from that of a new gamer, well, new to Warhammer as a hobby. I mentioned that I tried to do the artist thing for a number of years, but didn’t have the confidence and perhaps, social depth to really push forward with that struggle. While everyone around me was taking existing intellectual properties and bending them in their own style, I was trying to create something different (for the most part), and getting trapped in my own head.

After that decade plus of pushing a boulder up a hill, I decided to pull the plug and do something that wasn’t like getting blood from the aforementioned boulder. Warhammer was creative and constructive. It was building and painting miniatures from a lore that I had already been in love with for years. Once the decision was final in my head, I sought out groups on the Worldwide Webway and was invited by a complete stranger to join more strangers to come check out their gaming club. That was Mortis Miniatures in Melbourne, Australia. I was allowed to drink beer there.

I walked out with two boxes of miniatures from stock they had, and a goal – build a Death Guard squad for a Kill Team game or two with my new found friend. I found a bunch of information online to digest as I built my models (after making a small Forgeworld order). I had no idea what I was doing as far as the list building aspect, and definitely had no idea that a Death Guard Kill Team so costly it was about five marines, but I just needed a starting point.

I put together ten (plague) marines, ten raptors and twenty cultists, and was hungry for more. The codex was my next purchase, and shortly after that, Traitor Legions was released, so I snapped that up in a hurry. All the while I was pretending to know how to paint minis. I hadn’t fully grasped much else about the game and was excited about weighing my lists down with useless but fun war gear – a lesson I learned later *cough* Gifts of Mutation*cough*.

I entered this hobby as a distraction for mild depression and to get me out of the house and keep me creative. I have a well paying job and money to burn, so those empty Warhammer boxes started piling up very, very fast. I had even begun small conversions…

What have I become?

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