The Furnace of Shackled Stars

When Games Workshop released the Adeptus Mechanicus faction I was pretty keen. Having said that it took me a while to pickup some units. I guess I was probably struggling to climb the mountain of plastic I’d accrued by that time. I was particularly keen on the vehicles as they represented for me the aesthetic I’d imagined. I took a little more time to commit to the Skitarii troop aesthetic.

I definitely wanted a bright colour scheme, so for me Ryza was a clear choice. Also the lore regarding Ryza “the furnace of shackled stars” was solid as well which is always an important consideration.

I decided, being a bit of a completionist, that I’d collect more or less 1+ of each Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus unit. The army is pretty much complete at this stage, my focus shifting to 30K Mechanicum.

I’ll be adding articles on each of the units in the faction and examining how they play on the tabletop.


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