The beginnings of heresy

When the Horus Heresy rules first came out from Forge World I shrugged my shoulders and said meh. After all I was 40k vet with a large Black Templar army as well as Tyranids, I didn’t feel the urge to play more marines when I already had a lot of them. I didn’t pick up the novels either, I knew the stories, I’d read every rule book and supplement from Rogue Trader to now what else did I need?

So thats where I stayed with 30k and then Games Workshop released Betrayal at Calth……all of a sudden there was a plastic option for 30k rather than the prohibitively expensive resin only choice. Still I resisted, then Prospero came out and then they released box sets of Mark III power armour and my resolve weakened further. A few of the guys at the club went 30k crazy and were pushing me to do the same.

Still I didn’t buy anything though, I was playing a lot of 40k, prepping for a tournament and messing around with the idea of starting an AOS army but then something happened. The tournament came and went, I’d already put my Nids away in preparation for 8th ed 40k and then Black Library released a humble bundle of the first 15 Horus Heresy books. What the hell I thought, I haven’t read any of the novels and the guys at the club have been raving about them.

I read the first 3 books in a week and the tipping point was well and truly reached. Ive always loved space marines and the novels were a reminder of that, I spent the next week looking at Imperial Fists rules and 30k paint schemes. It made complete sense to build a Fists army, I already had a large force of one of their successor chapters and I figured I could always run the Fists and Black Templars together in 40k too.

So while I wait for 8th ed 40k I’ve started an Imperial Fist 30k army. Maybe not the greatest timing seeing as the 30k rules could completely change in a month or 2 but its too late now I’m in, better late than never I suppose.

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