The day I signed a pact with Nurgle.

The journey of 40,000 millennia begins with a single step.

My parents had always bought my brother and I board games every Christmas; some small and some of a larger scale. My first experience of Warhammer-esque tabletop gaming began first with an introduction to the Games Workshop co-founders Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone through their Fighting Fantasy book series. After that came hero quest and Space Crusade and the expansion packs to those games, that allowed my brother to introduce me to Warhammer 40,000 (2nd edition) by using the miniatures we had from those games to proxy units. I dabbled in painting a tank or two, but I was in my early teens by this stage, so had teenage mischief on my mind, not war games.

I retained my interest in the lore and story of Warhammer 40,000 through the following years through my brother and the representation in video games, but never collected, or painted or even played once on the table top for over a decade.

I had spent many of the following years attempting to take my creativity down a number of roads – illustration & sticker based street art, graphic design, video editing – I even satiated a creeping hunger for hobby progress by starting to build Gundam kits after a trip to Japan in 2015, but I wanted something else.

There had to be a purpose for me in this galaxy. A reason to live and breathe. Someone worthy of my admiration and servitude.

Then in November 2016, the warp began to whisper in my ear…

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